Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

People have always used the power of the sun. From the earliest times, the sun was a source of light, heat and energy.People used the sun to dry fruits, vegetables, and meat for long storage. Solar power was also a way to heat water without making a fire.

As the population grew and people started settling in larger communities, they also started to rely more and more upon fossil fuels to heat water, heat their homes, and process their food.

After many years of using fossil fuels, interest in using cleaner, greener sources of energy is growing.

Today solar thermal collectors can be used in many ways, depending on the system design.

Solar farms in the Southwest USA are a source of electricity. Solar panels are placed in the desert are used to heat fluid within piping. Mirrors are used to concentrate the heat even further. The heated liquid is then passed through water to cool, creating steam. The steam is then used to move turbines, which in turn generate electricity.

Businesses can use solar thermal collectors to heat office, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces. They can use solar thermal to pre-heat water for tasks such as washing dishes, cars or laundry or cleaning their facilities and equipment. They can also use solar thermal for passive heating and cooling systems.

Home owners can install one solar panel or many, depending on their needs. Home solar panels can be used to heat water in a swimming pool, pre-heat water for domestic use, and to heat living spaces (houses, apartments, condos, etc.).

Solar thermal technology has advanced a great deal, and many companies build panels for specific uses. These include vacuum tube panels and thin film solar panels. You can find a lot of additional information on the internet regarding how solar panels work, how to make solar panels, and buying solar panel kits.

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