Early people sought shelter wherever they could find it in caves, in groves of trees, and in basic houses they could put together with crude tools and the materials at hand.

As with many things, the cycle has come full circle. Construction engineering has come a long way. Now there are some very nice homes in caves, wood is a great renewable building material, and recycling is a great way to benefit the planet.

Architects design spaces to suit specific needs, whether residential or commercial. For large projects, construction companies assign construction project managers to oversee the building process, and to make sure that requirements, budgets and timetables are met.

Some of the most beautiful and amazing architecture designs have been turned into construction projects built all around the world, using the most recent technological advances of their respective times.

Green Power Works, Inc. is a construction company which can help you will all phases of your remodeling or construction project to meet your needs and desires, whether in a residential or commercial setting. We offer design advice, assistance in choosing the right materials for each client’s project (including environmentally friendly and recycled building materials), and complete your project on time and within budget.